Bickleton Long Time Ago


                       All you can eat ham dinner.

                                     Bickleton’s annual Hunters Dinner.

                                Sunday October 18, 2015     11:00am until 3:00pm  

                                  At the Bickleton Grange Hall on Market Street

Washington’s Oldest Rodeo!

The Carousel Museum is closed for the winter.

 Bickleton, Washington is called the Bluebird Capital of the world because of the thousands of bluebirds that spend most of the year in the area. The majority are Mountain Bluebirds with a few Western Bluebirds in or near the forest.

MT bluebirds (2)


Although quite small (population 90), there are interesting events and places in or near town. Bickleton is home to the states oldest tavern, The Bluebird, and the states oldest rodeo. The next Pioneer Picnic And Rodeo will be the 105th annual. At the picnic and rodeo grounds is one of the west’s oldest carousels. A 1905 Herschell-Spillman.  It is set up and used only on rodeo week-end,  which is always the second  week-end in June. It was purchased from Oaks Park in Sellwood, Oregon  in 1929 and moved to Bickleton. Just 11 miles south of town is the Whoop N Holler Ranch and Museum where there are many interesting local antiques and old    vehicles. About 17 miles south of town is 4th largest landfill in the country. Owned, by Allied Waste Industries, it provides much needed jobs and capitol for Klickitat County. The landfill gas created by the decomposing waste is used to generate over 8 megawatts of electrical power. A few miles south of town is the area’s first large wind power electrical generating plant. Good food is available at the Market Street Cafe and the Bluebird Inn.